WCAD Winter Wanderer – 150km Adventure Race

Logo_winter-wanderer-black26-27 July 2014
This traditional style 150km AR takes place around the beautiful Citrusdal area. These mountains are beautiful and definitely worth exploring! The race will start at 10am on Saturday and go through the night till Sunday. Winners are expected to finish in 20 hours and back-markers will be short-coursed to get everyone to the finish for 12noon prize-giving on Sunday. Race will include ropework and river rafting. Logistics by race organizers, no seconders required.
Queries: Chris Fisher: 078 702 9178

Dates and Times
Registration: Friday 25 July 6pm-8pm and Saturday 26 July 7am-9am

Race Start : Saturday 26 July at 10am

Prize-giving: Sunday 27 July at 12noon

Team Format
There are only two official categories:
Mixed Fours
Pairs (any combination)

The race will involve standard Adventure Racing disciplines with navigation of all legs including:
Basic Ropework

Entry Fee
Teams of 4: R4000
Teams of 2: R3000

Entries open 12 May 2014 – See link to entry form at top of this page
Entries close on Friday 18 July 2014

To encourage early entries, the first 8 teams will receive a max 20% incremental discount (as below):
-Entry secured upon payment of R500 deposit
-The list below will be updated as entries are received
-The race will proceed regardless of entry numbers

Teams of Four

  1. R3200 – Team Parallel
  2. R3300 – Team Epic
  3. R3400 – Team Mates
  4. R3500 –
  5. R3600 –
  6. R3700 –
  7. R3800 –
  8. R3900 –
  9. R4000 –
  10. R4000 etc –

Teams of two

  1. R2400 – Team First Technology
  2. R2500 – The Animals
  3. R2600 – Gears are for Pansies
  4. R2700 –
  5. R2800 –
  6. R2900 –
  7. R3000 –
  8. R3000 etc –

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