Westcoast Warmwater Weekend – What you get other than racing the most beautiful triathlon.

As we all know by now, the Westcoast Warmwater Weekend happens on the 12 and 13th of March in the West Coast Nature Reserve. Other than being the most beautiful venue for a triathlon in the world, it offers quite a bit more.

The main idea is to camp in the reserve for the weekend to enjoy guided nature walks, bird hide visit and star gazing. The campfire vibe will be enhanced by Ricky Nass providing fireside music at the campsite on the Saturday evening. Post-event lunch and drinks will be served on the beach after each event for prepaid athletes while  spectators are welcome to bring own food and drinks.

The run leg takes you were you’ve never been before. Awesomeness!


A test ride was done to get up close and personal with the surroundings. The view from Kraalbaai where the swim and transition take place, is breathtaking. Just looking down onto the lagoon makes you want to swim in it, and you will!


The awesome view of the lagoon from the Kraalbaai lookout point, where the swim takes place .

The road bike leg takes place on the rolling hill surrounding the lagoon. The satellite image also tells a story of beauty. Any alien space ship flying overhead will leave nothing but super jealous aliens. Circumventing the lagoon offers the best view you will enjoy in a long time.  The mountain bike leg takes you off road to get the smell of the West Coast earth even more up close and personal. The run is also off road, and takes you through the most varied and beautiful sections of the reserve.


The route around the lagoon. Just cut out the first section from the R27 that T-bones with the lines circumventing the lagoon.

The West Coast Nature Reserve has a fantastic range of wild animals. Eland, ostriches, tortoises and snakes are most likely to show their faces. Be prepared!

Some of the friendly locals in the reserve.

It is time to get excited! If you have not entered yet, do so now. Chances are you might still get a spot. We are eager to see you there!

Follow the link: http://www.electricink.co.za/warmwater-weekend