You can log your swim drills.

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Logging your swim sets works fine with most multi-sport watches, till it gets to the drill sets. Previously you could either let the watch run, or press pause. That meant no timing, or logging a garbled mixture of backstroke, front crawl or whatever stroke the accelerometer of the watch assumed you were doing.

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With the Fenix 3, Garmin cleared the clutter and added drill logging, just like on the proper swim watches. In principle it overrides the accelerometer and allows you to log your drills in terms of time, distance and rest times. While paused in your swim set, you simply scroll down to “drill log” and use the lap button to start and stop your drill timing.

It is great to check kick efficiency, catch-up lengths and other drills to the second, and being able to make inferences regarding technique changes you’ve applied or changed. True to its motto, it is definitely another feature of the Fenix 3 that helps you rise above your limits!