32Gi Sports Nutrition Brand Launches in Europe

10380296_10152433938628058_1965216642891050794_n32Gi is proud to announce its official launch into the European Union basing operations in the Nordics.

Originating in South Africa and in a short period of four years 32Gi has established itself as a leading brand in endurance sports nutrition. The company has made inroads into many countries including Australia, Singapore, Mauritius and some African countries with the natural progression to Europe the target.

“It’s has been an exciting chapter ensuring our entire product range met EFSA (European Food Standards Authority) approvals” said Mark Wolff Director and co-founder of 32Gi. “We are very proud of our achievement as we are the first endurance supplement brand in South Africa to achieve this status and to move into a market where endurance sports are growing at a rapid rate”.

The 32Gi philosophy will always be to put health before performance, keeping nutrition and supplementation clean and to be 100% trusted by all users. Following trends and continually pioneering and developing new products will enable the brand to command an important leading position in Europe’s endurance sports market.

32Gi European Directors Mikkel Borve and Jesper Weng have been very instrumental in ensuring a smooth transition into the European Union. Their expertise in business management, marketing and sport are key to 32Gi’s success in the region.

“We are both very happy and proud to be orchestrating the launch of 32Gi into the European market” says Mikkel Borve and Jesper Weng Directors of 32Gi Europe.  “The response we have received from athletes and retailers has been overwhelmingly positive as 32Gi brings a unique dynamic to the European market. The concept of “minimalistic fuelling” combined with the continual consideration of good health truly reflects the honest commitment from the founders of 32Gi and if one can talk about a “healthy” energy supplement then this is the closest you will get”.

Dean Abro, Director & co-founder of 32Gi says “The most important aspect of moving into this market was selecting the correct strategic associations to ensure a successful roll out into the Nordic territory. Looking ahead we will continue to build leverage on our brand influence and capabilities in product research and offer a comprehensive high quality product portfolio to more endurance sport enthusiasts as we penetrate into other European regions”

The 32Gi range is already available in some of the leading Nordic sports and online stores and will be broadening the rollout significantly over the coming months.

32Gi Europe’s first EXPO will be at Ironman Copenhagen in August where we will be show casing our complete product range to the European market.