A Swedish company called Malmsten


A little bit of background on myself as a reviewer. Currently I swim around 5-10km a week with triathlon being my main sport. I’ve logged a lot of kilometers and tried countless swim products.

We have to understand that we all have differently shaped faces and one risk you take when buying online is that you don’t get to try them on. Goggles are designed differently so understand what you are getting before you order.

So what are Swedes? Swedish googles are so-called because they are made by a Swedish company called Malmsten, who only have 16 employees, since the mid-1970’s. They are the simplest available goggle on the market. And the most complex. And, depending on your viewpoint, the best. They are in many ways the epitome of the Do One Thing and Do It Well and/or Swedish Minimalism schools of design.


Swedes use a bare hard-plastic eyepiece. No silicon or rubber gasket. No case. They use string as the nose-bridge. You assemble them to your own supposedly perfect and unique fit.

The Malmsten Goggle is a minimalist design with durable material and extremely lightweight. All great concepts for a serious lap swimmer. If worn correctly they leak less and fog less than most goggles on the market. We all know anti-fog is a bit of a misnomer in goggles. It’s never 100% effective. With older goggs whatever is present deteriorates and more and more saliva or otherwise is needed.

Take your time to get the Malmsten properly adjusted and you will certainly have a pair of googles that will be excellently suited to all uses, pool and open water and that will last longer than many others at a very competitive price.

Feel free to contact the guys at Justsports to try your new Malmsten Goggle.

By Enduro Hub editor, Tiaan Pretorius.