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Chantel Nienaber in action at the Bartinney2Bartinney trail run hosted by Amoija Events.


I was so looking forward to the Bartinney run. Any race ending on a wine estate is always a big plus! Certainly a selling point to convince  my hubby and many of my clients to participate (even though it was Mother’s Day).

I had initially entered into the 24+km distance, but due to a tough week and having raced the previous day, decided to downgrade to the 11km Dash. It was mother’s day so I felt I deserved a break.

When glancing at the entry list for the Dash – I saw that the Leslie sisters had also entered. I certainly knew that it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park trying to podium, considering they excel in the shorter distances.

As you approach Unie Park the relentless climb basically begins (at least I’d already made peace with elevation, considering I’d done the Prologue prior to the race).

The participants were treated to an awesome view just before you starting descending down to the wine estate.

I think the never-ending switchbacks  caught a few people by surprise – including myself…
What a fabulous ending to a race: a complimentary massage from the Ept team. Good food and wine and a crowd of trail running buddies to share it with.

A treat for me on Mother’s Day was the fact that I didn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to travel far distances to a race. This one was right on my doorstep and I’d gotten to explore an area that I hadn’t previously run before.

I’d also like to congratulate Bernard, on yet another phenomenal performance and to my friend Katya, what an outstanding result.

 I heard that everyone loved the route in the Banghoek Nature reserve.

Can’t wait for next year’s race. Thank you Herman and your team for a great morning out in the mountains. What a success, the inaugural race was completely sold out…