Continental Tyres Partner Dryland Event Management

Andrew Stockwell and Dan Fowler, representing Continental Tyres at the 2017 Glacier Cradle Traverse. Photo by

Andrew Stockwell and Dan Fowler, representing Continental Tyres at the 2017 Glacier Cradle Traverse. Photo by

Famous for its challenging mountain bike events, through South Africa’s most rugged terrain, Dryland Event Management’s mountain bike races place an inordinate burden on the competitors’ bicycle tyres. With this in mind, Dryland have partnered with Continental Tyres to provide race entrants with access to tyres proven to be able to thrive in the Klein Karoo and beyond.

Dryland’s flagship UCI events, the Momentum Health – Cape Pioneer Trek, Tankwa Trek and Attakwas Extreme – presented by Biogen, are some of the toughest events in the country on bicycle tyres. The rocky Klein Karoo sections of the Cape Pioneer and Attakwas Extreme have provided drama annually when elite riders have punctured. At the Cape Pioneer Trek in 2016 James Reid and Julian Jessop’s third place overall was lost to a puncture on the final stage, while at the 2017 Attakwas Extreme Christoph Sauser had to fight back to victory, from five minutes down, due to a puncture in the opening twenty kilometres.

The Tankwa Trek meanwhile provides more than just a test of durability; the technical singletracks require puncture protection, grip and a low rolling resistance in equal measures. Fortunately as Rae Earl of Interac Distribution, Continental Bicycle Tyre’s South African agents, explains Continental Tyres have that covered: “To date, no other tyre brand worldwide has been able to match Continental’s Black Chili Compound, which reduces rolling resistance by 26% and improves grip by 30%. Black Chili Compound comes standard on all Conti ProTection MTB tyres.”

Continental’s ProTection construction ensures superb puncture protection with a patented ProTection casing over four plies of 240 threads per inch (TPI) nylon under the tread and three plies of 180 TPI nylon sidewalls. This is sure to aid riders by ensuring “the lowest rider down-time due to tyre related problems in seriously tough race events like the Attakwas Extreme and the Cape Pioneer Trek” concluded Earl.

Interac Distribution and Dryland Event Management have rekindled a partnership which first started in 2009 with the launch of the inaugural Cape Pioneer Trek and even included a Cape Pioneer branded X-King tyre for the fifth edition in 2013.

“We’re proud to have teamed up with Interac Distribution and Continental Tyres once again” said Henco Rademeyer of Dryland Event Management. “Most importantly though for our entrants this partnership will mean access to Continental Tyres at a discounted rate at all our mountain bike events and discounts on Continental Tyres outside our events through Dryland’s loyalty programme which we will be rolling out in 2018.”

In addition to the partnership with Continental Bicycle Tyres, Dryland have also partnered with Continental Tyre South Africa to keep the growing fleet of Dryland vehicles rolling. With the harsh terrain Dryland’s race routes take in the vehicles need a rugged tyre just as much as the event entrant’s bikes do. So from September 2017 the fleet will all feature General Tire tyres.

General Tire has been producing tyres since 1915 and in 1987 was purchased by Continental Tyres. The General Tire Grabber AT3 products, with which the Dryland vehicles are equipped, are a new generation of all-terrain tyres which are locally manufactured in Continental’s Port Elizabeth facility.

“General Tire is our adventurous brand” explained Ryan Visagie, Product Communications Manager for Continental Tyres South Africa. “Our slogan ‘Anywhere is Possible’ is a perfect fit for the places that these events will take you. Mountain biking is a sport that plays to the adventurer in all of us, and this is precisely where our General Tire brand likes to play too, enabling the adventure in peoples’ everyday lives.”

“The durability and integrity that you will find in General Tire products, for your vehicle, is precisely what you will find in the range of Continental tyres for your bicycle,” Visagie added.

Entrants to Dryland Event Management’s races will be able to learn more about Continental Tyres at all the company’s mountain biking events from the Momentum Health Cape Pioneer Trek, presented by Biogen, onwards, or by visiting, or For more information on Dryland Event Management’s mountain biking races visit