Fact #18. If you cannot remember your bike/run route, let your Fenix 3 do it for you


Riding or running a new trail with a friend that shows you the way, has one problem: if you go back to do it on your own, taking a wrong turn can happen that much easier, because you were simply following a lead, and memorizing the course was not much of a priority at the time. Taking a wrong turn at best will waste your time, and at worst, get you lost. Your Fenix 3 sorts this problem out with ease.

A friend recently took me to ride a mountain bike course for the first time. She abandoned the route markers and took shortcuts because we were pressed for time. On my own, I would never be able to find those shortcuts. I would get totally lost. With my Fenix 3, this problem is of no concern. For starters, all you need to get to is your starting point.

1. Hold the upper cursor and scroll down to navigation. 2. Press enter and go to Activities. 3. Press enter and scroll down to the activity you want to repeat. 4. When you get to that activity, enter it and scroll down to Go. 5. When you hit Go, your Fenix 3 will ask your what kind of activity. After you selected it, just press start.

From here you simply follow the blue arrow on the map. You can scroll to all your usual fields with the cursor, and back to the map if you are unsure of a turn or any part of the route you want to follow. The friendly arrow will direct you along the right route. After a second or third ride, chances are good you will remember the course. If you have lost all faith in your memory, save the route as a course on your Fenix 3, for future use. To have and to hold, forever.

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Please take note: I did not take last photo at starting point. Hence the distance between arrow and starting point.