Fact #19 The Garmin Fenix 3 “Hot Keys” functionality simplifies life brilliantly.  


Getting to some internal setting on your sports watch, like switching bluetooth on and off, can be very cumbersome. The Fenix 3’s Hot Keys give you a shortcut to certain functions you might want to use or change regularly. It eliminates the necessity of negotiating through menus.

Switching bluetooth on and off, normally takes 22 button presses on the Fenix 3 (Starting from and returning to watch face). The hot key you assign cuts it down to 6. I mostly train twice a day, but only connect with bluetooth after each session to upload, because I want to save battery power on my watch and my smart phone. Normally that would be 22 presses twice a day. Hot keys cuts it down to 6, twice a day. I hold the back button, switch bluetooth on, and press the back button. End of story.

The start/stop and the back button can be assigned as hot keys. There are 4 functions to select from: save location, timer, stopwatch, or bluetooth. If you are a coach for instance, you can assign the stopwatch and access it while an activity is running. In principle you can then do “hand-held” timing while the activity runs in the background. Great for track sessions, like checking out 100’s in an 800m session. If you get lost easily, the save location option is the one for you.

Just go to settings-system-hotkeys and select the Fenix 3 hot key function that will simplify your life. Have fun!

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