Fact# 20. The Fenix 3 and the Swim Heart Rate Monitor rocks!


Being able to log your swim heart is a great advantage for swimmers and triathletes. The latest Garmin technology has now made that possible. Today I had the privilege of using the swim heart rate monitor for the first time in the pool. It tells an interesting story.

There are 2 straps, and to clarify the difference, herewith an extract from the Garmin press release: “Specifically designed for triathletes, HRM-Tri is the smallest and lightest heart rate monitor from Garmin, capturing heart rate data during every leg of the race. The HRM-Tri features an easily adjustable strap with soft, rounded edges and covered seams for maximum comfort both in and out of the water, where it can provide advanced running dynamics2, including cadence, vertical oscillation and ground contact time.” And then, the swim-only monitor: “With a unique, non-slip strap design, HRM-Swim is ideal for capturing heart rate while training in the pool. Durable and compact, the strap stays in place during push-offs and creates minimal drag through the water”

Since I am a triathlete, I used the tri version. Swimming is my weakest discipline and I always wondered if my effort level during swim sessions is high enough. Today I swam 3 x 500 m blocks, with 2 drill sets in between. In comparison with my running and biking, my heart rate seems to be well below may usual average training heart rates for bike and run. My tri buddies always relate how tired they are after swim sets. I usually wonders what they are talking about, because I swim quite leisurely to avoid the pain and discomfort of my weak swimming style. So, inference no. 1 courtesy of my Fenix 3 and the swim heart rate strap: raise the effort level of your weakest discipline, which happens to be…swimming. Next time we look at open water swimming.

Check the screen grab of my swim workout. The Fenix 3 allows for drill sets to be recorded as just that, drills. They are the “blank spaces”. Their details are displayed on the splits page of my Garmin Connect site. The technology is ready and willing to be of aid in your athletic pursuits. Use it!