Hat trick for Anriëtte Schoeman at JBay MTB Open presented by Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm

Anriëtte Schoeman (c) Jazz Kuschke

Anriëtte Schoeman (c) Jazz Kuschke

Port Elizabeth’s favourite cycling daughter added yet another title to her long list of credentials by winning the women’s event in the 80-kilometre event of the JBay MTB Open presented by Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm. Not only did Anriëtte convincingly win the women’s, but she also finished third overall, in a time of 04:14. “It was very tough,” she said afterward of the event that forms part of the JBay Winterfest. “My goodness…It was a very technical route, I definitely earned this one.”

Ahead of Schoeman in the 80km was Andre Nelson and Conrad Viljoen. Viljoen overcame an early crash to break away from Nelson and stay away till the end. “It was a good day’s racing,” he commented afterward. “I came out here with the intention of taking the win and having a good hard session. It was a very challenging course and a lot of guys probably underestimated it a bit, but I gave it a good go from the beginning before it split up,” he said.

Both the 60km and 80km route required good technical proficiency and some serious training in the legs. The pace was fierce from the start with cool, overcast conditions ideal for racing, but the undulating nature of the course and the ever-strengthening northwester made things interesting.

“It’s been a great day, said Mark Pickering, General Manager of Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm, who finished the less-technical 40-kilometre route on ‘very little training’. The JBay MTB Open carries the distinction of being the only mountain bike race on the continent that traverses a wind farm. “We were very pleased with how the race was organised,” he said, explaining how important it was for the wind farm to build a relationship with the local community through events such as this. “We’re (the wind farm) are here for 20 years, so we’re looking at a long term relationship.

The JBay Winterfest continues this week with the JBay Open of Surfing as the main event.

Full results

80 km

         1.)   Conrad Viljoen

         2.)   Andre Nelson

         3.)   Francois Du Plessis


         1.)   Anriette Schoeman

         2.)   Nicola Giliomee


         1.)   Roland Peacock

         2.)   Terry Thay

         3.)   Steven Venter


         1.)   Nadine Nunes

         2.)   Vicki Laing

         3.)   Janine Linder


         1.)   Nicholas Friend

         2.)   Hanri Terblanche

         3.)   Wynand Minnie


         1.)   Christin Lawson

         2.)   Simone van der Merwe

         3.)   Hannalo Cilliers