Movement Course

what is fms

After the success of his first Movement Course in July, Kobus du Plessis will be presenting a similar course on the 7th and 14th of November. Participants will be introduced to the new perspective on Movement, as is practised by the world’s leading authorities in Sports Performance Training and Rehabilitation in the USA, Gray Cook, Dr Greg Rose and Dr Lee Burton.

This new perspective of movement recognizes quality movement patterns as fundamental to optimal performance and injury prevention. For the sake of harmony, economy and efficiency, the brain records synergistic patterns of movement, instead of isolated muscle and joint activity. It is supported by the sensory system’s monitoring and involuntary adjustment of movement, as well as the dynamic web-like connective tissue (fascia). “We need to focus on movement patterns, letting body parts develop naturally, instead of zeroing in on body parts and expecting natural movement patterns to spontaneously emerge”, says Gray Cook.

reconsidering movementThis first of it’s kind course in South Africa will teach you how to administer, score and interpret the Functional Movement Screen, an innovative and reliable system used to evaluate movement pattern quality, and to identify movement dysfunction or limitations. Movement dysfunction or asymmetry causes weak-links and compensation, resulting in diminished performance, overuse and eventually chronic pain and injury.

Yes, non-contact injuries can be prevented! Most injuries are the result of poor movement pattern quality and left-right asymmetries in the body. “The biggest reason for sports injuries in our time is that athletes are performing high-level training and skills, even though they are inefficient in fundamental movement. A hastiness to address sports specific needs, when specie specific needs are lacking, is ignorant of the natural progression of growth and development”, says Kobus. “Rather than trying to short-cut nature which only leads to short-term success, this new perspective on movement allows us to restore movement balance to ensure sustainable success and longevity of sporting careers.”

In his practice as Movement & Performance Specialist, Kobus has 10 years experience of using the FMS to help numerous sportsmen and women to overcome recurring injury or chronic pain, and to perform at their absolute best. He is certified with Functional Movement Systems and passionate about sharing his experience in offering holistic solutions to movement problems and restoring athletic balance.

Apart from the FMS, the course will teach participants the principles underlying authentic movement and corrective training. Also will the course teach hands-on first level corrective strategies and techniques for specific movement dysfunctions identified by the FMS. Kobus has added 4 more hours to the previous course duration, in order to allow for in-depth practice of these corrective techniques, and for assessing participants at the end of day 2.

This 2 day intensive and practical course is aimed at Sports Conditioning and Personal Trainers, Biokineticists, Physical Therapists and Sports Massage Therapists. The emphasize will be on quality over quantity, teaching specialized skills to those who seek to be leaders in their field. Only a limited number of places are therefore available.

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