Movement Course

what is fms

Have you heard of the Functional Movement Screen, movement pattern quality, or corrective training? On the 18th and 19th of July a Movement Course will be held in the Northern suburbs of Cape Town, were these topics and many more related to movement will be dealt with in depth. Participants will be introduced to the new perspective on movement, as is practised by the world’s leading authorities in Sports Performance Training and Rehabilitation in the USA, Gray Cook, Dr Greg Rose, Dr Lee Burton, etc.

This first of it’s kind course in South Africa, will teach you how to administer & score the Functional Movement Screen, an innovative system used to evaluate movement pattern quality and to identify movement dysfunction or limitations. The FMS is a reliable and consistent testing method used by sports performance institutes and trainers worldwide, to improve athletic performance and to prevent injury.

reconsidering movement

The course will be presented by Movement & Performance Specialist Kobus du Plessis, who is certified with Functional Movement Systems and has 10 years experience of working with the FMS. Key to the effectiveness of the FMS is that it provides a movement baseline against which individual movement competency can be measured. “This has set a complete new benchmark for what is understood with individualized training”, says Kobus. In sports conditioning, where the training is supposed to improve movement efficiency, a program can now be designed to address the specific movement weakness of an athlete. “Therefore, the program is truly built around the athlete’s needs, and not the other way round.”

Performing and scoring the FMS is only the first step though. To utilize this data, one need to know how to interpret an FMS score. For this reason the course will teach participants the principles underlying authentic movement and corrective training. You will also learn some hands-on first level corrective strategies and techniques, for specific movement dysfunctions identified by the FMS.

This 2 day intensive and practical course is aimed at Sports Conditioning and Personal Trainers, as well as all Rehabilitation practitioners. The course will serve as prerequisite to the Advanced Corrective Movement course which will follow.

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