Olympic International to drive campaign


For your end-of-year closet purge, skip the trashcan and get creative! From faithful MTB shoes worn during several gruelling races, to trail running shoes collecting more dust than mud, let go of the guilt and donate them to a worthy cause at this year’s BUCO Origin of Trails on 24 and 25 November at Coetzenburg, Stellenbosch.


The event offers an individual two-day mountain biking stage race, with a long (50 to 60km/day) and medium (25 to 30km/day) race, plus a 10km fun ride on the Saturday. Says Fahiem Frizlar, Marketing Manager at Bolton Footwear: “Participants and their families are encouraged to drop their old pairs of sports shoes at the Olympic International bins provided at the event. These will then be distributed to needy children and adult charity organisations such as Aitsa, an aftercare centre in the heart of Kylemore in the Dwarsriver valley with 180 children, Songo.info and others to spread some festive cheer.”


Frizlar strongly believes that shoes can be life changing to those without. “Sports enthusiasts often wonder what to do with their worn sports shoes replaced weeks or months ago by newer versions. Instead of them collecting more dust than mud, they can be put to excellent use by someone else. Just toss them in a cold water wash and let them air dry. For someone out there, they’ll be good as new,” he adds.


A long-distance runner himself, Frizlar believes that everyone can help make a difference. “We want to encourage everyone to get active as it leads to a healthier and fitter society.  By paying your old gear forward, you also help needy kids and adults to get active. And if there’s someone in your circle of friends or family who wants to get healthy but needs a helping hand, invite them to join you. Research proves that getting active with a friend or group is the best motivating factor there is.”


Olympic International will provide bins at various events around the country over the next twelve months. Frizlar concludes: “‘Pay it Forward’ and clean out those cupboards. Donate any old sports equipment, clothing and footwear at any of the Olympic International bins provided over the next year. Everything collected will be distributed to needy beneficiaries.”


For more details on these events, follow Olympic International on Facebook: www.facebook.com/Olympic-International  or Instagram: Olympic_International.

If you’re in need of a new pair, visit www.olympic-sport.co.za.