Q&A with Mauritz Walters route designer for the Tankwa Trek Day 2

Mauritz Walters - Photo supplied

Mauritz Walters – Photo supplied

Day 2 of the Du Toit Tankwa Trek – more or less 90 km with about 2200 m of climbing? What else can we expect from Mauritz Walters during day 2?

What can riders expect on the course you are designing?

The riders can expect a course that will definitely not be a walk in the park, the hardest day of the event, but definitely the most rewarding one. They will get to see more of the fruit orchards in harvest time, stretch farmlands, beautiful tracks through fynbos areas and some of the most spectacular mountains in the Western Cape which will consist of 90% jeep-track and 10% single-track.

How long will your stage be?

More or less 90 km with about 2200 m of climbing.

What are the highlights of route you have planned?

Breath-taking views of three different valleys around Ceres, if the sky is open we will be lucky enough to have a glimpse at Table Mountain in the far distance. This stage will prove who is going to be King of the mountain by climbing to the top of one of the highest mountain peaks in Ceres.

Are there any tough sections riders will have to train for?

A few relative fast technical downhills with lose terrain where you’ll be able to prove your mountain bike skills and then there will be the mother of all climbs 20km before the end of this stage. All I’m going to say is prepare yourself for a 1000m of climbing over 12km.

It’s going to be pretty hot come February what have you got planned to cool the riders down on route?

I can assure the participants that we will make sure that there will be more water-points than usual, which will keep them completely hydrated throughout the course.