South Africa’s most iconic 100km trail races,Skyrun and Ultra-trail Cape Town, to merge

Skyrun and Ultra-trail Cape Town
A merger between Pure Adventures, famous for Skyrun, and the founders of Ultra-trail Cape Town’s Summit Events, will officially bring together a collection of globally significant trail events into one management stable; Endurance Events.

The Endurance Events team will be aligning a collective vision that will see a focused agenda for trail-running in South Africa, where the country and its athletes benefit from the rapid global development of ultra-trail races on offer to runners from all over the world. The partnership is based on a pioneering vision for the sport that makes absolute sense in terms of the next step.

Nic Bornman, race director for Ultra-Trail Cape Town, outlines the vision, “We are very aware that South Africa is undeniably at the forefront of destinations that any runner dreams of visiting as an adventure haven. Beyond simple athletic performance, more and more individuals flock to this sport because it is an invitation to travel the world and to discover beautiful landscapes in protected and preserved environments. It also brings together a broad spectrum of runners with the local populations, allowing all to live unforgettable moments.”

The team is set to take the bold thinking of these strong entities to position South African trail running globally.

Adrian Saffy of Pure Adventures, “Merging two of South Africa’s toughest mountain runs is likened to a marriage from the medieval era between two powerful nobilities. From Skyrun on the rugged and remote ridge lines on the Witteberg deep in rural Eastern Cape to the iconic and internationally recognisable Table Mountain with its World Heritage status and the City of Cape town hosting Ultra-trail Cape Town, we have so much to offer.“
“The merge is glove-like as they offer races that are both hard as nails and will test participants to the limit of what they perceive to be possible. That amazing sense of accomplishment and self-belief keeps the ultra-addicts coming back for more. You complete either of these unique events and you become a member of a special tribe – our tribe. We are uniting to give our family of athletes an even greater experience.”

Endurance Events will collectively create a platform where people can explore new horizons in epic locations; where ordinary people can achieve extraordinary feats.
The team looks forward to the announcement of an expanded calendar of races, a circuit of South African 100km races, and continued innovations.