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Ironman South Africa 2017

Ironman number 7 completed! – amazing as always and more lessons learned. Standing on the beach I was excited and nervous but also feeling pretty relaxed; I was in the best shape I could be and the weather conditions were perfect. The swim is always a bit daunting for me but being surrounded by friends in the start shoot gave ...

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Standard Bank Ironman 2015 – Managing the fear!

Any Ironman is scary, and Standard Bank Ironman 2015 will be as well. Period. You know your body will experience pain way above and beyond what it is used to. First on any athlete’s mind is: will I be the best I can be on race day? The other nagging fear is: how will my day unfold? Will there be ...

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Ironman SA 2015 – Some questions you can ask yourself!

Ironman is a beast and you beat it down with months of dedication, training and top end gear. The reality is that a myriad of small things can rob you of the opportunity to kill the beast on race day. Getting your fitness in place takes centre stage during the months of preparation, and smaller issues that can cause devastation on race day sometimes ...

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