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Top Tips for Endurance Training by Zac van Heerden

Endurance events have gained immense popularity in recent years. The trend has been a move towards longer, more extreme events making preparation vital for those seeking not only improved health but also the thrill of adventure and competition. Zac Van Heerden, one of the leading physiologists and conditioning specialists in South Africa and a panellist at the 2016 Powerade Performance ...

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Top Tips for Mental Performance from Tom Dawson Squibb

The mind is a powerful tool.  Like a muscle it can be trained and strengthened, but the difficulty comes in knowing exactly how to do this. Tom Dawson Squibb, a leader in the field of mental coaching and a panelist at the 2016 Powerade Performance Academies, understands this better than most. Taking place across the country, the Powerade Performance Academies ...

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