The race is on at the 2021 Fedhealth Magalies Monster MTB Classic!

Sarah Hill in action.  Photo Credit:  Troy Davies

North-West Province – The 2021 Fedhealth Magalies Monster MTB Classic that will take place at the ATKV Buffelspoort this coming Saturday 28 August will be the source of a lot of excitement with top contenders such as Shaun-Nick Bester, Phillimon Sebona, Jan Withaar and Sarah Hill putting their MTB prowess to the test as they attempt to conquer the Monster!

“This will be the third time that I take part in the Fedhealth Magalies Monster,” says Pretoria-based mountain biker, Shaun-Nick Bester.  “In 2014 I finished 2nd behind Nico Pfitzenmaier.  I really enjoy the vibe at the race and how the event organisers plan everything around rider comfort.  The route is tough and taxing on the body, but you’re left with a sense of satisfaction once you’ve crossed the finish line.  The toughest section for me is the last 15km back home after descending the Monster Climb.  There are a few events that you need to complete in South Africa to be able to call yourself a real mountain biker and the Fedhealth Magalies Monster is one of them.  My goal will definitely be to try and take the overall win.”

No stranger to the Fedhealth Magalies Monster MTB Classic, Phillimon Sebona (Centurion, Pretoria) claimed gold in 2017 and is hoping to do the same this year.  “The Fedhealth Magalies Monster MTB Classic is a one-day event that has all the best climbs to test your fitness, and downhills to test your skill,” says Sebona.  “Although the Monster Climb is the toughest part of this event, the open roads are also unforgiving as you need to pedal more to get closer to the finish line.   The route is tops.  My goal will be to give my best and try to win. My advice to first time entrants is to pace yourself.  It’s a long way to the finish.”

“The Fedhealth Magalies Monster MTB Classic is the only event to make me think that there may be a place for dual-suspension bicycles in my life,” laughs Jan Withaar (Johannesburg).  “I have ridden the race a couple of times, many years ago.  For the past couple of years however the race has overlapped with cross-country racing stints in Europe so I could only spectate from afar.  The one thing that I do remember about the Magalies Monster are the interminable rocky climbs placed in the middle of the race.  I always prefer raw, rough trails and in these events, tactics often take a back seat.  This really appeals to me as it then comes down to the strongest and most technically astute riders moving to the fore.  If I enter an event, I wish to win it, irrespective of where it fits into my training programme.  I’m really looking forward to race day.”

In the women’s race, Fedhealth Magalies Monster MTB Classic newcomer, Sarah Hill (Broadachers, Johannesburg) can’t wait for the chance to Conquer the Monster!  “I have not had the opportunity to race this event, but now for the first time in three years I finally am in the right place at the right time,” says Hill.  “I am so excited to finally understand what all the hype is about.  I know that the route is hard and rocky.  My goal is to conquer the Monster once and for all!  I have absolutely no idea what it looks like, but I have all intentions of riding it as fast as possible, without putting my feet down.  I am really looking forward to absorbing the new race environment, while enjoying every minute of having the opportunity to race again.”

EVENT INFORMATION:  Fedhealth Magalies Monster MTB Classic

Date:Saturday 28 August 2021
Venue:ATKV Buffelspoort
Distances:Marathon / +-65km 
 Ascent: 1433 m
 Entry Fee: R450.00
 Half Marathon / +-33km 
 Ascent:  711m
 Entry Fee:  R350.00
 Fun Ride / +-15km
 Ascent:  271 m
 Entry Fee:  R225.00
 Kids Event / 2.5km
 Entry Fee:  R100.00

All mountain bikers will receive:

  • an official event t-shirt
  • medals will be awarded to all finishers
  • a Fedhealth drawstring bag
  • THIRSTI Isofit+ 
  • Beet It Sport Discount Voucher

EXCITING PRIZES up for grabs will include:  THIRSTI Hampers and 2x Garmin Edge 530 Bundles valued at R7999.

CHARITY SUPPORT:  The Fedhealth Magalies Monster MTB Classic proudly supports The Kindness Collaboration.  Founded by Fedhealth and Operation Healing Hands (OHH), The Kindness Collaboration fucuses on supporting South Africans who cannot afford quality medical care.  Mountain bikers and trail runners can make a donation towards the cause when entering the events online.  

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