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Written by Tiaan Pretorius.

TomTom launched a great new function giving you to option to upload your training from your phone to your MySports site via Bluetooth Smart. To use this function you will need a compatible phone to start with. On iOS that will be from the 4S or newer.  I’m using my iPhone 6 for this exercise. The iPad 2 or newer also do the job.

Next you will have to download the MySports app from your app store. Once it is downloaded, make sure Bluetooth is enabled. From there you can open your app directly to set it up with your watch. Go to the phone options in settings to start the pairing process with your TomTom Cardio watch.

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On your phone, with the app open, you will notice your watch listed at the bottom, simply tap on it to start your pairing process. You will now notice a pin code on your watch which you will need to enter on your phone to activate the uploading of your training data. Your data will then be transferred to your phone and automatically updated to your MySport account.

Once all info have been transferred successfully you can sit back and analyse your efforts. You also have the option to review your routes and consider changes you could make on your next training route.


In conclusion, the TomTom MySports mobile app transfers your training information to your MySports account, but note that you cannot transfer activity information to other sports websites.

The MySports app also transfers any settings you make to your watch, updates the QuickGPSfix information and provides an alternative to TomTom MySports Connect for transferring the above mentioned.

The iPhone 4S or later, iPod touch 5th generation, iPad3 or later and all iPad mini’s are supported phones and mobile devices.

All reviews reflects my own experience and it would be great to hear from you should you have any questions or additional information.

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