Torpedo SwimRun Series Expands again

2. Torpedo Val de Vie Recce 2018 - 1436

Athletes swim in their running shoes and if they opt for a wetsuit, they run in the wetsuit – there are no transitions in swimrun

The Torpedo SwimRun Series is growing, with the recent announcement that the newest event, Torpedo SwimRun Val de Vie, will be happening on 3 February 2019 on the well-known Franschhoek lifestyle estate, and will draw both competitive athletes and beginner swimrunners who want to try out the sport.


Swimrun is a relatively new sport that originated in Sweden, and offers off-road and open-water adventure along coastal and inland waterways, with routes designed around the natural environment and with distances varying from race to race. Torpedo SwimRun is leading the way in developing the sport of swimrun in South Africa, and are rolling out a series of these events for different levels of athletes.


Torpedo SwimRun Val de Vie


Former Olympic swimming gold medalist Ryk Neethling, Marketing Director for Val de Vie, is so taken with the sport that he has entered the November Torpedo SwimRun Cape event, and is very happy to be hosting a Torpedo SwimRun on the Franschhoek estate next year: “At Val de Vie we are promoting a healthy outdoor lifestyle and to that end we host trail runs, have developed more than 40km of MTB trails, host the polo as well as our monthly markets, and so to add a Torpedo SwimRun event is a great fit for us,” he said.


Richard McMartin, co-founder of Torpedo SwimRun, said: “One of the reasons we are so thrilled about Val de Vie as our next event, is that this one will  make SwimRun so much more accessible to new participants: the swimming is in dams with the longest swim being 400m, and it is not as technical as Cape and Wild. We are also able to cater for a larger number of athletes. The longest run is 3km. With 2kms of swimming in total, and 8km of total running, the whole race is 10km.”


Torpedo SwimRun Cape and Wild


November 18 will see the third edition of the pinnacle Torpedo SwimRun Cape take place. This event has grown significantly since the inaugural event in January 2017, which was also the first swimrun event to launch in the country, and now attracts top athletes who will be competing for R100k in prize money.


Second Skins, a South African company that has been custom-making performance-enhancing sportswear since 1986, tailored the yellow Torpedo vests that are becoming synonymous with SwimRun. Each Cape podium finisher receives a special edition black Torpedo Second Skin, which is becoming a much sought after prize that indicates the cream of the crop in SwimRun.


Torpedo SwimRun Wild launched in the Wilderness area in September this year, with a 6km prologue on Friday and a 26km main event on Saturday, made up of multiple segments of swimming, running and “swambling”, which is a rugged combination of swimming and scrambling over rocks.


SwimRun Community


A strong SwimRun community has developed over the course of 2017 – 2018, and the sport is fast gaining momentum, especially amongst lifesavers whose strength lies in the open water swimming, and amongst triathletes who are used to the multisport discipline. SwimRun is different in that athletes run in their wetsuits and swim in their running shoes – there are no transitions like you have in triathlon. Open water swimmers such as Ryan Stramrood and Mark de Klerk have also embraced the sport, with Stramrood having started running regularly in order to compete in both the second Cape event, as well as in September’s Wild.


Stramrood recently joined a tour of the Val de Vie route and he says: “This one will be perfect for those who are fit but thought Cape and Wild were too intimidating to try. You will be able to really see what the sport is about: its fast, fun and a proper challenge.”


Entries are now open for Torpedo SwimRun Val de Vie  at