UTCT Special Edition treats local trail running community

Ultra-Trail Cape Town’s Special Edition took place on Table Mountain on Saturday 28 November, with Robbie Rorich winning the 50km event by over ten minutes in a time of 5:36:34. Taryn King won the women’s 50km in a time of 7:24:05, which secured her seventh place overall. 

The Ultra-trail Cape Town is usually a 100km, 65km and 35km event, with some of the world’s leading ultra-distance trail runners travelling to take part, and the 100km  forming part of the Ultra-trail World Tour. The event was cancelled earlier this year as a result of the pandemic, but permission was granted for a smaller ‘Special Edition’ to take place, catering for the local trail running community.

The race consisted of 2 routes of 25km each, starting and finishing at the Gardens Rugby Club: the Devils Loop, 25km, 1750m D+ and the Atlantic Loop: 25km, 1450m D+.

There were three entry options: run the 50km solo, opt for one of the 25km solo, or enter a team consisting of two runners each doing one of the 25km laps.

Full Results

UTCT 50km

Men: 1 Robert Rorich 5:36:34; 2 Daniel Claassen 5:47:02; 3 Simon Purdon 6:22:38; 4 Alasdair Leslie (UK) 6:58:38; 5 Guido Tagge 7:00:03

Women: 1 Taryn King 7:24:05; 2 Pip Dickson 7:43:46

UTCT 25km

Men: 1 Brandon Keeling 2:44:38; 2 Oliver Munnik 2:54:04; 3 Jonathan Kinnear 2:58:02; 4 Robert Skjodt (Denmark) 3:00:44; 5 Jade Muller 3:01:16

Women: 1 Mia Uys 3:24:17; 2 Ashleigh Graham 3:34:15; 2 Marlize Vienings 3:36:47; 4 Nadine van Driel 3;38:34; 5 Asheligh Hansen 3:46:04


1 Llewellyn Groeneveld and Jonathan Black 5:19:04; 2 Denham Preen and Nicholas Preen 6:04:50; 3 Cameron and Michael Mackintosh 6:05:05